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"Michelle can see through our daughter and knows what makes her tick. She took an anxious kid and immediately put her at ease about a topic that she dreaded. [She] has a way of balancing structure and fun and is gentle and positive in her approach. We could see an improvement in [our daughter's] writing in just a couple months and her confidence blossomed."

HK, Parent

Teacher and Young Student

Reading and Spelling

One-on-one tutoring using programs proven to be effective for students struggling with reading and spelling:  Barton Reading and Spelling System and Foundation in Sounds.

Dyslexia Screening

In-depth screening to determine if your child fits the dyslexia profile and has weaknesses in the areas listed in the research-based definition of dyslexia.  Detailed reports are available with recommendations for tutoring and classroom accommodations.

Legal Research and Writing
Working on a tablet

Dyslexia Consultation

Consultations for educators and parents about dyslexia and ways to support students in reaching their full potential.

"Chabra Tutoring Services has been a complete godsend for my three dyslexic children, as well as a tremendous support resource for us as parents supporting children with learning differences. My sons' academic success is directly tied to the knowledge Michelle brings through her tutoring programs. Having tried many other reading programs and tutors, Michelle is the only teacher who has successfully improved reading and learning outcomes for my children. I can honestly say my sons have never complained about going to tutoring, even at the end of long school days. Michelle makes learning fun, rewards students for hard work, and most importantly, empowers dyslexic students to embrace their gifts and learning capabilities. Her combination of expertise, empathy, and creativity is a rare gift, and our family is beyond grateful to have found Michelle and her services."

JW, Parent

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