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Screening for Dyslexia

Welcome! If you or your child struggle with reading and spelling, or if you suspect dyslexia and have questions about how to help, this page is the place for you.

Reviewing for the Exam

In addition to general consultations about dyslexia and reading difficulty, Chabra Tutoring Services offers a 3 stage dyslexia screening process. Throughout the process, I will give you research based information about reading and spelling difficulty, dyslexia, and dysgraphia, as well as advice on how to proceed with addressing your child’s learning needs.  
At each stage you may opt out of continuing the process, if you feel you have gathered enough information for your needs. I will also let you know if I feel you might be better served by a different professional or evaluation method.
Before meeting with me, I suggest you watch the free online video Dyslexia: Symptoms and Solutions on the Bright Solutions for Dyslexia website: 
This video is an excellent introduction to dyslexia, and may answer many of your questions. If, after watching this video, you are still interested in dyslexia screening, please text me at (650) 271-3963, or contact me by email to set up an initial appointment.

Stage 1: Consultation

Stage 1 of the dyslexia screening is an initial consultation and parent interview. This approximately hour long meeting can be completed by phone, Zoom, or in person at my Redwood City office. This will give a very good indication as to whether my dyslexia screening process is the right type of evaluation to proceed with, or if another form of assessment may be more appropriate for your child.

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