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About Chabra Tutoring Services

Chabra Tutoring Services was born out of founder Michelle Chabra’s journey with her dyslexic son. Experiencing firsthand the emotional damage that occurs when a smart and capable child struggles to learn basic reading and spelling skills, Michelle realized that her child’s learning needs would not be met by conventional approaches to reading education. 


After many hours of research, Michelle began using the Barton Reading and Spelling System to teach her son, and finally saw him making progress. It wasn’t long before she realized just how many other students in her community were in dire need of the same resources. Several students later, in the summer of 2014, CTS was officially launched. 


For more than a decade, CTS has provided tutoring, screening, and consultation services for students who are struggling with reading and spelling. Beyond helping students develop into confident readers and writers, CTS also helps students and their caregivers understand the strengths and challenges associated with their learning differences so they will be well equipped to advocate for themselves as they enter advanced education.


CTS employs the Barton Reading and Spelling System, Foundation in Sounds, and various supplemental resources as needed. Please see the resource section for links to the websites of these programs, and read more about how we use Barton here.


Our tutors are here because we believe in the potential of dyslexic students and care deeply about their emotional well-being. We’re honored to work with our current students, and if you’re considering reaching out, we’re excited to meet you!

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Our Team.

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